416 Unimog Camper

This is your chance to own a vehicle that has proven itself in over 100 countries. The truck has only had two owners, myself and the previous owners who built it out, in Germany, and then travelled around the world in this truck for 18 years prior to settling in Arizona. Very few expedition type trucks have been used for such amount of time on a continuous basis. Pretty much all the kinks have long been ironed out.


The Truck


1979 416 Unimog, 196000 miles, VIN:41611510024071 , titled and registered in CA as a Class C motorhome.

OM352 engine, 5.7 Liter Diesel. Factory rebuilt Injection pump with new governor - 140hp. New fuel primer pump, new fuel filters.

New high capacity radiator, the truck will stay cool even when working at full power in death valley.

Two 75gallon fuel tanks, at 13-15mpg gives over 2000 miles without refueling. This was a design feature to enable the truck to drive over the Saraha Desert.

6 speed transmission, new clutch plates, new clutch slave cyliner

High speed axles, capable of 70mph on flat ground. The truck is more happy at about 55-60mph.

4 brand new 12.5/80 R20 Continental MPT81 tires with 0 miles - not mounted (worth nearly $3000)

Rebuilt parking brake.

Impecable maintenance, truck runs and sounds like new, there is a little bit of smoke when its cold and it has sat for a while. Most of the maintenance and rebuilds have all the paperwork that will come with the truck.

Newer style air switch for 2WD/4WD/Differential locks.

Soft ride drivers cab, mounted with shock absorbers. The cab rides a few inches higher than normal making it possible to fit a turbo charged engine which is usually difficult in a 416.

Driver and passenger suspension seats. Insulated engine and transmission covers reduce fatigue from heat and noise.

High roof with full insulation. Custom built head unit in the roof with light switches, GPS, worldband CD/Radio with IPOD hookup, CB Radio, 4 speakers, 12V power outlets. There is a headphone jack that was intended for an aircraft style audio intercom but it works equally well with normal headphones.

2x Airhorns with a roof mounted lanyard in the cab, these get the attention of animals in the road and/or other drivers.

2x HID spotlights mounted on the roof rack.

1x HID reversing light (can also be used as a rear light)

2x side facing spotlights

Air system attachment point for small air powered tools and tire inflation

Front bumper and bull bars with light guards protect the truck from thick bush. There is also a vice mounted to the front bumper which has been a lifesaver on numerous occations


Living area

Kitchen area with stove and sink.

Seperate bathroom/shower area with a second sink.

All the cabinets have fitted hardware so things stay put when driving.

All the cabinets are made from marine grade wood and have boat latches/hardware. It feels like a boat cabin on the inside.

12v Fridge fitted in the cabinets, this is a real compressor fridge that consumes a tiny amount of power.

New 12v engel chest freezer which doubles as a seat (has a cushion on the top). This can also be used as a second fridge

Dining table with two seats, the chest freezer can be a third seat. The table drops to make either a single bed or more seating.

Fold up bed that takes minimal space when stowed. It can be opened half way as a couch or all the way as a full size bed. When the bed is folded up there is plenty of room to leave the pillows and bedding on it.

Flat panel TV with build in DVD that is visible from the bed

Pop up roof that can be used with or without the sides if you want to sleep under the stars. There is an insect net to keep bugs out when the lights are on.

Lots of storage, every inch is utilized. There are also lock boxes and secret areas for money/documents.

Lots of weather proof external storage including 4 zarges metal cases (lockable) and a lockable external storage unit built in to the body, the door of this storage area doubles as a work table.

Crawl through in to the cabin.

All locks have heavy duty indutrial locks for saftey.

All the windows are high strength security glass and for extra saftey you can't see through them from the ground.

Propane heater

Roof vents and skylights.


Electrical System

House electrical system and the truck electrical systems are completely separate. Each system has its own engine driven alternator so there is no worries about flattening the starting battery while living on the house batteries.

In an emergency, or if an alternator fails, you can join the systems together. You can also do this in order to start the truck from the house batteries.

6x 100Amp/Hour house batteries. These provide enough power to run the camper for days without starting the truck

2x 100W roof mounted solar panels with automatic controller.

12V 90A Iota power converter runs the truck and charges the house batteries when 110V is available.

400W micro wind turbine with automatic charge controller

1500W Inverter with 4 110V sockets. Not used too much as all the built in appliances are 12V.

Numerous 12V outlets (including outside)

Digital displays show consumption/charge rates as well as battery and solar voltage.

World band CD/Radio with ipod hookup (exact same unit as the radio in the cab)

GPS with XM radio

Can control headlights and rear light from the camper. If you hear a noise in the night you can turn on the headlights without getting out of bed and look out of the forward looking portal windows.

Exterior lights

All interior lights are low wattage CFL or LED.

All batteries, including the starting battery, are inside the camper floor so they stay warm for optimal cold weather performance.




40 gallon stainless steal fresh water tank. Fillable from the outside with a house or using a special bracket it can be filled from a bucket. External drain.

12v pressure pump

4 gallon hot water heater

Expedition filter with separate faucet

Hot/cold water in kitchen, bathroom and outside.

Slide out cassette toilet which can be easily emptied in to normal toilet, tank dump etc. With 2 people toilet will last 5 days without emptying.


Shower pan is under the bathroom floor and it can be also utilized as a mud room.

20 gallon gray water tank with external drain.


Travels, Interior, Exterior



A german TV documentary was made about the previous owners, the truck and their travels, here are some snippets of the truck footage taken from that documentary at various locations around the word (videos have no audio)